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Sexy Spring Adult Toys After months of huddling inside with your loved one trying to get through a cold and bitter winter, we’re sure you’re ready for some spring sunshine. This time of year brings us Easter, flowers blossoming and for many the annual Spring Clean. Now this is where we at Sexy Time Toy Zone come in, because it’s out with the old and in with the new Sexy Spring Adult Toys.

If you’ve never come across one of our delectable reviews, then are you in for a treat. We’re always eager to introduce you to incredible new sex toys and the online brands who sell them. Plus if there’s a bargain or two insight, then we’ll be the first to let you know! So why not chuck out those old toys and treat yourself to something new?

Sexy Spring Adult Toys that will put a bounce in your step!

Sexy Spring Adult Toys at bettersexFirst up we have the team over at the Better Sex by Sinclair Institute, who offer an eye popping range of vibrators. With the highest priced vibe in at $134 and the lowest at just over $9, there is a rabbit here for every taste and price range. This one caught our eyes, the name itself was enough to get our imaginations running wild.

The Waterproof Wallbanger is a powerful waterproof vibrator that has a suction cup on the base, so it can be adhered to the shower wall, floor of the bath, bedroom wall, tiles, headboard; as long as it’s not material.  Basically, any surface that is flat and the suction cup can stick, then you are good to go.  It has a Sexy Spring Adult Toys at sexshop 365textured shaft that is flexible and moves with you as it’s made from a jelly like material. It will heat and cool with you and adapt to your contours, to make the most realistic feel possible. So if you didn’t get a special treat for Easter, then maybe the Easter bunny will bring you this little gem which costs a mere $19.95.

We popped over to Sexshop365 to see what treats they had to offer and we were not disappointed by what ‘hopped’ up.  There seems to be a bunny theme on these sexy sites at the moment, so of course you’d expect a bunny girl outfit. This frisky fancy dress is a playful addition to your dressing up box and is only £18.00, yes you read that right £18.00. The Roxana Play Boy Bunny Bikini set comprises of Pink Bikini Bra and Briefs, Gloves, Tie and Bunny Ears; everything you need to get your partner leaping into a frenzy.

Sexy Spring Adult Toys at ann summersWe do seem to have a lingering Easter theme with our next item, which is the Bunny Tail Butt Plug from Ann Summers. Its £35 and features a faux fur bunny tail at the end of a comfortably shaped anal plug, that is suitable for beginners and the more experienced of you.  It’s made so that you can heat or cool it, to indulge in a bit of temperature play.

Because it’s spring you’ll probably want to feel the fresh air on your body; obviously we mean your naked body. So we’re going to bring you a little something for those who fancy some outdoor fun!

Sexy Spring Adult Toys at lovehoneyThe Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 SenseMotion Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg from Lovehoney, is a luxury couple’s vibrator from the experts behind the Hex condom. Priced at £129.99 you can enjoy a secret rendezvous with this little beauty and because it works by remote control, you have the added thrill of giving over the control to your lover. The love egg works up to a distance to 12 metres and can be used for internal and external vaginal use. There are 8 pleasure settings for clitoral stimulation and a thrilling 6 vibration settings.

So if you’re getting a little hot under the collar, then spring into action and head over to one of our wonderful toy sites. We promise you’ll get lost for days looking through their enticing lingerie, toys and extras. Then it’s time to take it outdoors; and yes we mean that literally, with these Sexy Spring Adult Toys.

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