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Fifty Shades of Pleasure

If you’re unsure of what the adult toy world has to offer, or you simply fancy a peek at our choices. Let us introduce you to our chosen 50 shades of pleasure, which will bring you passion, luxury, exhilaration and comfort; all in one exciting list!


1The Rampant Rabbit – Ann Summers

The legend that is the vibrating rabbit, is a well-known Ann Summers favourite and for very good reason. Not only does it offer 7 different vibration settings and whirl in 2 different directions, it’s so incredibly cute.



2X-Orgasm Love Balls – Bondara

These incredible balls offer the ability to improve your kegel muscles and give you a powerful orgasm at the same time. Each ball is hallow and as it moves deep inside, you’ll receive a powerful internal stimulation; without the need for batteries.



3Yes Organics, Yes Water Based Personal Lubricant – Buzz Pinky

It’s a well-known fact that lubrication is the key to sex toy heaven, so why not opt for luxury. This natural and organic product allows you to reach the point of ecstasy with a velvety sensuous feeling; plus it’s compatible with condoms.



4I Rub my Duckie Paris, Travel Size Gold – Sex Shop 365

If the fact that this little duckie is so incredibly cute isn’t enough, it also adds a buzz to your bath time. This waterproof vibrating duckie offers a mixture of delicious sensations, on top of pure elegance.



5Happy Lola Sexy Knot – Simply Pleasure

What better gift could you give to your loved one, than yourself? This sexy knot from Happy Lola makes it easy to wrap yourself up, so a special someone can take their time and enjoy the unwrapping!




6The Fever Collection, Fishnet Stockings – Simply Pleasure

With so many beautiful stockings to try, how could we choose just one? The Fever Collection gives you the opportunity to add ultimate style and glamour to your outfit, with a catwalk model edge; at incredibly reasonable prices.



7Lovehoney Lovers Feather Tickler – Lovehoney

This sexy and cute feather tickler is a perfect addition to your bedroom pleasure. Made with fluffy marabou feathers, you can tease your lover to aroused bliss and the anticipation of things to come; bet it tickles your fancy now!



8Fleshlight Original Male Masturbator – Ann Summers

Fleshlight Original is the world’s bestselling sex toy for men, so it would be crazy not to add it to our list. With discreet packaging and an internal canal made to feel like natural skin, you’ll experience a mind blowing orgasm over and over again!




9JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Candle Pink Lotus – Simply Pleasure

This elegant and luxurious candle offers a floral and exciting scent, whilst providing a romantic atmosphere to get you in the mood. As the wax melts, you can pour it onto your bodies as a massage oil, feeling soothed and aroused.



10Rocks off RO-120mm Wings of Desire Bullet Vibrator – Buzz Pinky

This trendy vibrator designed by the famous tattoo artist Lal Hardy, is a must for those who appreciate style. With 3 vibration speeds and 7 designs, you’ll soon be enjoying heightened pleasure wherever you fancy!



11Fever Miss Whip Lash Catsuit – Lovehoney

This breath taking one piece zip up cat suit, is a must for any role play in the bedroom. The incredibly comfortable material means that as easy as it is to put on, it’s even easier to remove!



12Ann Summer Lingerie – Ann Summers

A picture can say a thousand words, so make sure you head over to Ann Summers lingerie section, where you’ll instantly fall in love. With lots of offers and exciting collections to flatter every figure, you’ll soon have a lingerie drawer to boast about.



13Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to me Beginners Bondage Kit – Bluebella

Whatever your desires, this bondage kit will definitely fulfil everything you need. With 4 bondage restraints, a blindfold and a spanking paddle you can recreate your own version of Fifty Shades, time and time again.



14Hauty Burlesque Nipple Tassel – Buzz Pinky

This burlesque style nipple tassel is reminiscent of the 1950’s Bettie Page era and helps you show off your assets at their best. Shake your shimmy and entice your partner, as you sway through the bedroom to fulfil their every desire.



15Fleshlight Fleshwash Antibacterial Toy Cleaner – Nice N Naughty

It’s no secret that one of the keys to keeping your toys clean and fresh is a quality cleaner. Fleshlight may be the masters of male toys but they also know how to keep them healthy, so check out this antibacterial cleaning spray.


16Bondage Tape – Sex Shop 365

How does a night of pure dominance sound? Well with this easy to use bondage tape you can tie yourself or your partner, in a variety of ways. Even though the tape will keep you strapped up tightly, it’s easy to remove and painless even on hair.


17LELO Massage Candle – Sex

Spark the romance with Lelo’s Flickering Touch Massage Candles. The aromatic scent and the fact that the wax melts into luxurious massage oil, means you can sooth and arouse your partner to the point of ecstasy time and time again.



18Maid to Pleasure Fancy Dress Outfit – Ann Summers

It wouldn’t be a pleasure list without a bit of dress up and could you think of anything better than a French maid uniform; with a little apron and lace front detail. This flattering dress will have him quaking at the knees, especially as you dust those hard to reach places.



19Doxy Wand Massager – Bondara

Doxy bring you the most powerful and exhilarating personal massage products in the world. The black wand massager offers a multi-speed super powerful vibrator and massager which will bring you hours of orgasmic pleasure; and it looks pretty funky too!



20Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms – Lovehoney

Sexual health is just as important as enjoyment, so we thought you’d be interested in a condom that helps enhance both. The Durex extended pleasure condoms contains a small amount of anaesthetic benzocaine, which delays ejaculation and makes for a gratifying experience.


21Lace Kimono – Bluebella

We’re not all about getting down and dirty, because feeling comfy is just as important. This beautiful classic kimono style, with graphic lace and a satin waist tie is the perfect way to curl up on the couch in luxury.



224 Play Dice – Ann Summers

Games are a great way to add to the excitement of sex. So check out the 4 Play Dice, which will instruct you on how and where to tease and excite your partner. Could you leave your fun time up to fate?



23Bijoux Plaisir Nacre Pearl Handcuffs – Simply Pleasure

There’s nothing sexier than being dominated and satisfied by the one you love. But when you’re tied up with these beautiful pearl bead handcuffs, then you’ll certainly feel extra special. With easy to use clip fastenings and a sleek presentation box, they would certainly be a welcomed gift every time you use them.



24Loving Joy Real Feel Body Stroker – Sex

The Loving Joy body stroker is a great way for you to explore the woman of your dreams. With soft and smooth curves, plus internal ribbing to enhance any sensations, this is the perfect toy for the guys out there.


25Rose Garments Purple Leather Flogger – Sex Shop 365

This gorgeous leather flogger is available in a number of colours and is the perfect addition to your kinky drawer. If you’ve never tried whips before, then this is a perfect introduction to make your partner quiver in submission.



2650 Shades of Kink, an Introduction to BDSM – Nice N Naughty

For those of you who have fancied a dalliance in the world of kink, but don’t know where to start, then check out this book by Tristan Taormin. Not only will it inspire you with ideas, but it’s also the ideal aphrodisiac for many nights in the future.



fifty shades of pleasureJimmyjane Contour M Massager Stone – Lovehoney

Massages are the perfect way to relax and give yourself a little treat. This ceramic massage stone can be used warm or cool, with their smooth, polished surfaces gliding over your skin. Can you imagine anything more versatile and indulgent?





IOU Hot Sex Vouchers – Lovehoney

Lovehoney certainly know how to keep things interesting, with their 50 IOU Hot Sex coupons. The vouchers have a pull away tab which hides the erotic request, with examples being shower sex and a 2 hour sex session; who knows what you’ll end up doing together!


29Hi Beam Nipple Pumps – Nice N Naughty

The Hi Beam Nipple Pumps are the perfect way to enlarge your nipples, whilst providing vibrations at the same time to add to your pleasure; simply attach and pump away!



30Icicles No12 Rose Glass Dildo – Simply Pleasure

Nope this isn’t an ornament that your Nan would have, it’s a beautiful glass dildo shaped as a rose. Although it looks delicate, the glass is shatter proof and incredibly comfortable. The shaft has a contoured surface to enhance your internal stimulation, whilst looking pretty at the same time.



31Bluebella Nightwear – Bluebella

Ann Summers may have incredible underwear, but Bluebella bring you the best nightwear. With the finest fabrics bringing comfort and style, you have a range of choice from teddies, baby dolls, pyjamas and kimonos making night time special!



32Lelo Tor II, Rechargeable Multi-speed Cock Ring – Bondara

Lelo bring you the most luxurious sex toys around and the Lelo Tor II cock ring is no exception. It has 6 stimulation modes and is waterproof, meaning that you can enjoy some pleasurable bath times.



33Peekaboo Hot Pink Dance Pole Kit – Ann Summers

We may not all have those pole dancer figures, but who says we can’t give it a try. No matter what your experience, the Peekaboo dance pole kit is easy to assemble and has a DVD to help you become a dancing pro!



34Bound to Tease Heart Leather Paddle – Buzz Pinky

Who doesn’t love a bit of spanking? Well make sure you check out this super cute heart shaped paddle, made in luxurious leather for a memorable bondage experience.



35Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Compact Male Masturbator – Lovehoney

The Fleshlight Quickshot is a revolutionary design, to make male masturbation a sensational experience. Its super skin texture creates a more intense sensation and the open ended sleeve is fluted with non-anatomical nodules and chambers for potent stimulation.



36Chocolate Body Paint Tin – Nice N Naughty

Chocolate body paint is always the perfect addition to foreplay, because it invites plenty of touching and licking all over yours and your partner’s body. So why not draw naughty pictures or write code words all over each other; who says messy can’t be fun!




Power Buller Panty Vibrator and Lace Boyshorts – Simply Pleasure37

This panty vibrator comes in 3 sizes, 3 speeds and 4 vibration patterns, but what makes it a sensation is the fact that you can wear it under your clothes when you want and no one will ever know! Bored in the office? Then add a bit of a buzz to your day.



38TENGA Flip Hole Red – Sex

TENGA is known to be the kings of male masturbators, but the Flip Hole takes it to a whole new level. The Flip Hole Red is probably one of the top male toys around and with the new internal sleeve, it offers enhanced stimulation. There are 3 separate buttons to control the rides, waves, fans and diamonds.



39Durex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant – Bluebella

Lubrication is the key to incredible sex, so make sure you check out the Durex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant. This incredible cool tingling gel is used to heighten pleasure and arousal in all of those intimate areas; plus its water based.




Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring – Lovehoney40

This adjustable silicone stamina ring helps you achieve harder, bigger and longer lasting erections. As well as being easy to use, its pioneering slide-to-fit toggle offers a snug fit; with no unwanted pinching!




41Ultimate under Bed Restraint – Bondara

This under bed restraint is the perfect way to turn your bedroom into your own personal red room. There are 4 fur lined wrist and ankle cuffs which are fastened by Velcro, to make sure you’re comfortably domineered! You’re then tethered down using adjustable nylon straps, making it suitable for any bed frame.



42Rocks off 7 Speed Rude Boy Black Prostate Massager – Sex Shop 365

This incredible sex toy is for the men out there who love anal penetration. With its curved shape the Rocks off really hits the prostate and enhances your erection, leading to an explosive climax; sounds incredible right.




43Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing – Buzz Pinky

Turn your room into the ultimate seductive lair with this incredible door swing. With its heavy duty nylon support straps, soft padded seat, 2 metal door jam tubes and leverage handles, you’ll experience some new and stimulating positions fulfilling every fantasy!




44Fifty Shades of Grey Sensual Touch Massage Oil – Nice N Naughty

Yep we loved the books so why not try out the massage oil? With infused scents of bergamot, sandalwood, jojoba and essential oils, you can entice your lover into bed through sensual rubbing and teasing. Not suitable with latex condoms.




45EXS Bubblegum Flavoured Condoms – Simply Pleasure

Not exactly the first thing you think of when someone mentions the word condoms, but hey why not; makes for a more flavourful sex life. With a natural skin like feel and incredible enhanced sensations, EXS will make you scream for more!




46Clone-A-Willy and Balls Vibrator Moulding Kit – Lovehoney

The Clone-A-Willy is exactly what it sounds like, the ability to create a replica of your fella’s manhood to use whilst he’s not around. We’re sure he won’t mind that you’ve given his clone a little extra buzz, because you’ll probably be thinking of him anyway; probably?




47System JO Prolonger Delay Spray – Simply Pleasure

The prolonger spray is designed to desensitize your man’s pride and joy, to ensure a longer lasting enjoyable experience. The easy to use design means that it can be applied effortlessly, plus they can be used with latex condoms.



48Zini Solution Sharing – Sex Shop 365

Zini Solution Sharing are 2 bottles of lubricant, one for him and one for her. As well as ensuring moisture is maintained, they also contain pheromone and L-arginine which intensifies and stimulates your passion and erotic play.



49Bound to Please Ball Gag – Sex

For those of you with a fetish side who like to be dominated, then why not try out this ball gag. The silicone ball and adjustable leather strap, make for comfortable and silent play!



50We-Vibe 4 Plus Couples Vibrator – Bondara

This incredible couples sex toy is controlled using your smart phone and lets you have cheeky playtime, even when you’re apart. The fact that sensational vibrations are controlled using your smartphone means your partner can start it remotely wherever you are. The We Vibe app also offers bonus modes and patterns!

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