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fleshlight at ann summersSo what is a Fleshlight we hear you ask and is it something you should buy? Is it something that you want? These are all questions every red blooded male is asking themselves and we at Sexy Time Toy Zone are here to help.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, all you need to do is read this and make sure you pick the right Fleshlight for you! To bring you the best prices, we’ve trawled through some of our favourite sites and put together this mini review of one of the world’s bestselling male sex toys.

What is a Fleshlight?

The original Fleshlight was invented in 1995 as a male masturbation toy, and since then has developed to become one of the top sellers in the male sex toy industry. It was originally designed on the outside to look like a flashlight or torch, to make it discreet for men to have with them for those emergency alone times. The inside however is made from soft, flexible material which bears a close resemblance to human skin.

The material is then moulded into the shape of a vagina, mouth or ass with nodules, ridges and textures, differing to preferred requirements to replicate that of a real feel. All the work that goes into creating a Fleshlight is done to ensure that the person using it is able to fully simulate the feelings and sensations that sex has to offer.

Now manufacturers are not the type of people to just limit you, their customers, to a bit of realistic flesh in a canister; oh no my friends! As the toy has developed over the years the range has increased too. Have you ever wanted to make love to an Alien (you know the blue alien girls from avatar) or Vampires? Then Fleshlight has got you covered. If that’s not enough then there are the Porn Star endorsed Fleshlights which include the mouths, vagina’s and butts of your favourite pornstars such as Jesse Jane, Jenna Haze and Misty Stone.

Finally (as if everything else hasn’t got you racing to the checkout) there are now accessories to go with your Fleshlight which fully immerse you into your solo play such as The Fleshlight Launchpad, the Fleshlight sleeve warmer and the bullet attachment, which are just the tip of the accessory iceberg. So whether you are a newbie to the range or an old hand (excuse the pun) there is something for everyone.


Fleshlights, accessories and bundle packs.

The Fleshlight will change the way you have your solo play forever and for the better. If you haven’t ever thought about using one before, or you have and just want to know what’s out there then sit back and relax while we guide you through some of our favourites.


Fleshlight Review at bondaraFirst off we have the Master B Original Male Masturbator from Bondara, retailing at just £27.99. It has three realistic entry points to attach to the Fleshlight which includes ribbed and ridged internal sleeves; you couldn’t ask for more. But the Master B gives you all that and then some, because it has a side flap that allows you to manually adjust the amount of suction that you want to enjoy during penetration. The reviews for this product speak volumes!!


Jesse Jane Fleshlight

Fleshlight Review at oscuroSecond we have the Jesse Jane Signature Collection from Oscuro, which is retailing at £59.95. Jesse Jane is a former cheerleader and dancer, though you probably all know her better for her many raw sexual appearances, as she is one of the most watched adult entertainers in the industry and now you can have the best of her right in the palm of your hand.

This bundle gives you three Fleshlights modelled on Jesse’s mouth, vagina and butt. All three where moulded directly from her body to give the products a realistic feel, as if you had Jesse right in front of you.


Virtual Sex Adapter

Fleshlight Review at nice n naughtyFourth we have the V Stroker virtual sex adapter from Nice n Naughty retailing at £44.99. If you buy one accessory for your Fleshlight experience make it this one, we promise you won’t be disappointed. The V Stroker is a great way to change up your experience. It features an interactive attachment that fits onto your Fleshlight and monitors the speed of your strokes. Each time you penetrate it is transmitted wirelessly to your pc and synced with the simulator content provided by the V Stroker website, so you can watch as your moves get the moans from the hottest stars or the newest amateurs.

The video content is synced to work with you so you control the speed and when you’re finished the V Stroker senses your climax and you will be treated to a sexy post sex show. See what did we tell you, best accessory EVER!!


Ann Summers Fleshlight

Fleshlight Review at ann summersWe’ve saved the ultimate lads fleshlight until last, here we have the Fleshlight Lady Lager Masturbator, retailing at £37.00 from Ann Summers. If you’re looking for something that can be hidden in plain sight, then this is the toy for you. Let’s face it guys there is nothing more embarrassing than your friends or family finding your stash. But with this Fleshlight you could have it standing on a shelf in the bedroom or rolling round on the floor as it looks just like a can of lager on the outside; but just like lager all the fun begins when you pop the cap.

With a realistic super soft material that begins at the vagina and takes you through to Fleshlights favourite mini lotus texture inside; this toy ticks all the boxes for discretion, sensation, cost and quirkiness. It has a twisty cap to create different levels of suction, to intensify your orgasm again and again.


Our Summary

So readers we hope this has answered any questions you have regarding whether the Fleshlight is for you, and if it is which one to try. Accessorising is a must though guys, not just for the kicks but to make sure it goes the distance. So check out some lubes and renewing powders because remember your Fleshlight is for life, not just for Christmas so you need to take care of it.

But for now lovely people we here at Sexy Time Toy Zone are saying goodnight, that is of course after we turn off our search engines, make sure we have turned out all the lights and have completed our ahem more personal purchases online. Until next time have a great time doing everything that we would do (wouldn’t, we meant wouldn’t honest).

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