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Welcome one and all to the Sexy Time Toy Zone’s definitive beginners guide to sex toys. If you have never used a sex toy before and are wondering how it can make things better. Or if you just don’t know where to start, then look no further ladies and gents as we take you on a whistle stop tour of all things kinky for beginners.

Beginners guide to Sex ToysThere are many sites out there that boast they have the best sex toys on the market, but how do you choose the right one for you; it can be a difficult task.

We here at Sexy Time Toy Zone are here for you and have picked what we think may be the best sites to head to. Plus we’ve highlighted some of their best buys for beginners, to get you started.

So first of all I hear you ask, why use a sex toy at all?

Well the answer is simple. Sex toys are not there to replace the human touch, but merely to enhance it. Whilst you can always play solo with your toys, the experience when introducing toys to sex with a partner is mind blowing. Sex toys allow you to tap into that creative side to you, one that maybe even you never knew existed; it pushes the bar of your own imagination and the only limitation is you.

Introducing sex toys to a relationship can be done for any number of reasons. Many people use sex toys as a release, so if you have had a hard day at work or are struggling to sleep at night, orgasms relieve stress and tension; so adding in a little extra to your lovemaking can only be a good thing. But once you have opened Pandora’s Box so to speak, you will find it hard to put the lid back on as you search for your next pleasure bringing treat.

So without further ado let us take you through what we feel are the best items for beginners.

Let’s take things nice and slowly with this first item.

Beginners guide to Sex Toys at lovehoneyHave you ever just closed your eyes during sex and the feelings seem to intensify, but because of this you can’t keep them closed and the feeling ebbs away? Well take this beginners soft blindfold from Lovehoney at £5.99. It’s not going to break the bank and when used during sex it heightens your senses to levels that you didn’t know you can reach. Made for sensory deprivation it creates a completely blacked out feeling when worn. Some blindfolds don’t fit too well over the nose, but this one is specially sculpted so that there is no way any light is getting to your eyes. Because of this all you have is your touch, smell and hearing to allow you to be immersed in sensory play. Trust us this is something you will definitely want to try as a first foray into bondage and if this is bliss for you, then you may want to then step up and accessorise with any of the soft bondage for beginners items that Lovehoney boasts.


Beginners guide to Sex Toys at bondaraIn keeping with the beginner’s bondage theme, why not link up this next product with the Soft Blindfold. The Black Suede Fantasy Flogger from Bondara is only £8.99 and a perfect addition to any beginner’s kit. Small but effective this mini flogger is just 14” in length with 20 soft suede tails to provide you and your partner, with an intensely erotic experience. Run the suede tails over your partner’s body creating sensual tingles, before delivering a small tap with the whip. This will send him/her crashing over the edges of pleasure and you will not be sorry you added this to your collection. This item is also part of Bondaras amazing 3 for 2 deal so grab yourself a bargain while you can.


Beginners guide to Sex Toys at sex shop 365Now a lot of you have probably wanted to try anal sex, but don’t feel quite prepared for such an invasion to that area. Fear not avid readers for we have the Julie Ashton Anal Beginners Kit, from the fabulous Sex Shop 365. This kit is brilliant for those of you who want to delve into the pleasures that anal sex can bring you. At just £27.55 for the whole kit you will be satisfied that your money is well spent. The kit contains 3 anal butt plugs measuring 4.25” long by 1”wide, 4.75” long by 1” wide and 5” long by 1.5” wide. There’s also a fabulous beginner’s vibrator as well, measuring 7” long and a 1oz tube of lubrication to ease your way in (literally). So you begin with the smallest plug and work your way up it’s that easy and the vibrator is there to add extra sensation to the mix. Use these toys with or without a partner, but if you are using these with a partner then your senses are going to be blown.


Beginners guide to Sex Toys at simply pleasureWe have covered bondage and anal sex for beginners so far, let’s now lean a little towards the women; because we have something fabulous for you here girls. The Minx 5 Piece Sex Toy Kit for beginners from Simply Pleasure. This kit is amazing for your solo play but pair it up with any of the items previously mentioned, or with a partner and you are in for an amazing night. This kit contains everything a beginner needs to get wild and wet. It has a 5” multi speed mini vibrator, 2 noduled sleeves for the vibrator, a pair of oscillating ben wa balls and a multi speed bullet vibrator too; all at just £13.50 (yes you read that right girls). You are getting so much kink for your money with this kit, we feel it deserves a place in your beginner’s kit at that price and it will be a lasting favourite too.


Don’t forget your accessories, lubrication and condoms are a must for safe sex play (not wanting to sound like a nag here, but if you want your toys to last then they need looking after). Guys make sure to look for cock rings as these will enhance your staying power and with the right choice add extra sensations to both your own and your partner’s sex lives. Girls head for the vibrators and make sure you check out the kit we have highlighted above. There is so much to choose from sometimes it can be daunting but that’s why we are here, to highlight the best of the best and give you a guiding light in a very dark and sensuous area.

We have touched the tip of a very big iceberg here with the things you can try as a beginner with sex toys. But we hope we have given you a little food for thought and it’s tempted you to peek through to our fabulous sites and maybe even treat yourselves to a little something for the weekend. We love the minx kit from Simply Pleasure and think that’s going to be making its way into our basket, so make sure you pick one up and let us know how you liked it. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter which will give even more info on toys, hints and tips. Until next time readers, adieu.

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