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Carvaka Sex Toys Review



Unfortunately there is no promotional scheme available through Carvaka Sex Toys to assist us in advertising the site. As such we have provided you with an alternative called Lovehoney, which is an impressive adult site offering an incredible range to suit all.

Whilst all you lovely readers have been busy playing nice together, we here at Sexy Time Toy Zone have been working hard to keep bringing you the best advice and information that the sex toy industry has to offer.  Today we are writing all about a fab new site that has joined our loving family and it is none other than Carvaka Sex Toys.

Now we know here at Sexy Time Toy Zone that you readers love nothing more than a great sex toy, but Carvaka are offering you so much more than that. They have chosen the name Carvaka due to it being an ancient Indian philosophy, that as a human you only get one life so you should enjoy it to the fullest and we agree.  The Carvaka site is jam packed full of sex toys, blogs, and much more.  They have limited themselves solely to providing the best sex toys to its customers and doesn’t detract by infilling gaps with other merchandise, such as lingerie or fantasy wear. So if you don’t want to be distracted by all the additional extras and you want to shop just for the best toys you can find, then you need to head over to Carvaka Sex Toys.


CARVAKA 1What does Carvaka offer:

  • Boasting over 200 different vibrators/dildos,
  • Better sex centre,
  • FAQ section,
  • How to Choose a vibrator,
  • Free UK shipping,
  • 100% Confidentiality,
  • No quibble 30 day refunds policy,
  • Multiple payment options.


So let’s get right to it boys and girls shall we; the website upon first opening will offer you a discount for simply signing up to the newsletter so we definitely advise doing so, as on a quick browse the site seems relatively well priced but we all love a little extra off and not just in the bedroom.  Once you have signed up to the newsletter you will be taken to the home page of the site and as you would expect from a vibrator specialist the site is all about the best sex toy, how to find it and even in some cases how to use it.  The team at Carvaka have spared no time in ensuring that you the customer has everything you need to make an informed decision.

Vibrator and Dildo Toy Range

The vibrators/dildo’s on Carvaka start from as little as £5.99 and range to as much as £139.99, so there is something for every pocket here.  With items such as Doxy and IWand you can be sure there is a great mix of brands to be found too.  With one of our favourites being the Mini Tongue Clitoral Stimulator at £19.99, this little licker is made from rubber jelly and is moulded into the shape of luscious lips and an extended tongue that vibrates. It has a suction cup base so can be adhered to most surfaces or used as a handheld toy, as it has an extensive lead to the remote control. The remote control has a spin wheel allowing ease of use, as let’s face it having to stop mid play to reach for buttons or check led screens for the right levels is so last season.  Make sure you check it out alongside some of the other toys that made it quite high in our list of wants and needs, such as the varying vibrating dildo’s we know you want.

Better Sex Hints and Tips

The site has a dedicated section called the Better Sex Centre.  The team over at Carvaka have basically put together a whole section of resources for you to read through for hints, tips and advice on how to be having better sex.  You may think you have been doing alright so far but if you are a brave boy/girl and read through some of the ideas here, then your sex life can only improve.  There are ideas ranging from how to overcome premature ejaculation, different sex positions and for those that wish to know how, there is a section there on how to tighten your vagina. So make sure you head over there ladies, everyone should know how to do this and it is a vital and informative piece.  Again making sure that you the customer has all the information you need there is a great FAQ section covering all your basic topics such as cleaning, lubrication and how to use specific types of toys. You can search by your own question or use the heading across the top of the page if you’re unsure how to word your question, but know what it is regarding.

The how to choose a vibrator section is a fun and informative write up of how different types of vibrators do different things and how to choose based on size, type and function.  It is interspersed with videos showing how the vibes work so you can really get an idea for the toy before purchasing.  This section is ideal for those of you that have never used a sex toy before and just don’t know where to start, but is equally as informative to those that have been using sex toys before and maybe want to try something new.  Research your toy thoroughly before you buy it as you don’t want to end up with something that is way too big or way too small and doesn’t bring you the pleasure you deserve.

Shipping and Delivery

Carvaka offers free UK shipping for orders over £20 with all orders under £20 costing just £3 for delivery, which is a bargain when you think that sometimes these days a large letter can cost just that and they are so boring to receive. Also if you simply can’t wait for your order to be delivered within its normal time frame of 3-5 working days, you can order it for next day delivery and that will cost you just £6. The team use royal mail and myhermes for delivery but fear not all your parcels are discreetly packaged, so no prying eyes can see what you have ordered for yourself.  If you change your mind about a purchase once you have received it then you can return the item, but ensure it remains in its packaging unopened as otherwise it cannot be returned.  If however you have opened the item and it is faulty, then in this instance the item can be returned.  Please ensure you read all the terms and conditions relating to the return and or exchange of your item.  But if you’ve read through all the advice and the ‘how to’ sections, your purchase will have been an informed one and you should have a long and happy life with the toy of your dreams.

Payment Methods

There are multiple payment options available, so if you prefer you can pay via PayPal which seems to be the payment method of choice for most people these days. You can also use any major credit or debit cards including American express.  Your confidentiality is guaranteed with your payments and no mention of Carvaka Sex Toys will show on your statement or your paperwork.


What does Sexy Time Toy Zone think?

We have found such a great new friend in this site, with all the advice and hints it’s like having a big sister or new bff to hand without all the drama that comes with it.  If you want advice on dating, or how to impress in the bedroom there are no judgemental glances or stifled giggles, just hit search and read away in the comfort of your own home.  The fact the site is purely for sex toys and the team at Carvaka have not failed in bringing you a great selection, plus they are adding to your choice constantly so you have a perfect go to site for all your sex toy wants.  Make sure you add Carvaka Sex Toys to your favourites, we know we have.  Until we meet again readers have a great day and a naughty night.

Promotions and offers subject to change, please ensure you check out the terms and conditions before you order.

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