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stag night games and accessoriesThe question is popped and the wedding plans are set, so it’s time to think about the night most men dream about; nope not the wedding night, the stag night! Whether you’re the person getting married or you’re their best mate, you want the stag night to be better than the hangover. That’s why we at Sexy Time Toy Zone are here to help, with our ‘Stag Night Toys and Games’. All of the products are under £10 so even after you’ve bought a few cheeky items, you’ll have plenty of money for beer and shots.

The Best Stag Night Toys and Games are;

Gifts and accessories for the stag

Stag Night Antlers – Sex Shop 365 – £2.38

ANTLERS Stag Night Toys and GamesBecause it’s his special night it’s vital to make him feel like an idiot and these funky antlers will definitely do the job. They’re also pretty handy to stop you from losing him, because stag nights can get a bit crazy and who knows where the groom will end up; we’re betting tied to lamp post.

Inflatable Sheep – Ann Summers – £10.00

SHEEPYep we went there! What stag night would it be without your faithful friend, the blow up sheep. Imagine the laughter that will ensue once you roll out this bad boy and with her being approximately 17 inches when blown up, we’re sure plenty of penis size jokes will be made!

Gifts and Accessories for the stag party

Sexolympics Chocolate Gold Coin – Ann Summers – £3.00

MEDALIt’s been mere speculation, until now!! With this Sexolympics Chocolate Gold Coin, you and your mates can claim the honour of first place in the category of ‘sexual masters’! We’re not sure the ladies will agree, but who cares because you’re the one with the medal made of chocolate around your neck!

Pint Shot Glasses – Ann Summers – £10.00 

SHOT GLASSESStag nights mean 2 things, beer and shots! So how about combining the best of both worlds with these cool pint shot glasses. The pack contains 4 25ml glasses, so you can either share with your mates or have them all for yourself; just remember the paracetamol for the hangover.

Official Boob Inspector Badge – Sex Shop 365 – £4.74

BOOB INSPECTORYou may not be aware of this but to be an official boob inspector, you need to have a badge. So make sure you grab yourself this stylish looking medal, so you can cop a feel; we would advise you ask the recipient first though.

Stag Night Hand Cuffs – Sex Shop 365- £2.38

HANDCUFFSCome on what kind of stag night list would this be without handcuffs? Whether the groom is attached to a sexy female (don’t tell the wife to be), a not so sexy mate or the legendary lamp post; these bad boys will make it a night to remember.

Stag Night Dares Badge – Sex Shop 365 – £2.38

DARE CARDSLast but not least are the stag night dare cards, the perfect opportunity for you and your mates to make utter fools of yourselves! With dares including singing a sexy song, downing a brandy in 10 seconds and flashing your underwear; you’ll create lots of incredible memories and hopefully a few photos, for black mailing them in the future.

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