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Welcome readers once again to another scintillating Sexy Time Toy Zone review, today we are peeking through the curtains of Uberkinky another fab addition to our ever growing family of sites.

Uberkinky began its life back in 1988 when founder Stephanie Taylor launched into the condom business, providing safe sex for all (something we here at STTZ champion wholeheartedly).  From there Stephanie continued to add to her product portfolio including vibrators and cock rings, amongst others. By 1998 with a staff of 20+ she has a booming BDSM business to rival all others and a reason to hold her head high in a very male orientated business.

Now we know that you are really only here to get all the raunchy details of what Uberkinky can offer and we will not fail you there. The Uberkinky site is an attention grabber from the minute you set eyes on it with its funky graphics, cartoon style images and double entendre’s. The team over at Uberkinky know how to get your pulses racing and are doing all they can to ensure that you don’t get to the finish line too quickly.


UBERKINKYWhat can you find at Uberkinky?

  • Sex toys (be a bit boring otherwise),
  • BDSM range (primary function of the team here to provide the best in BDSM),
  • Fetish Wear,
  • Essentials range,
  • Sales and Offers (eek sales yay),
  • Free UK delivery and returns,
  • 100% discretion,
  • Wishlist,
  • Newsletter,
  • Multiple payment options,
  • Social media presence,
  • Essential guides.


Well that’s the short version but let’s face it that’s pretty dull and we don’t get nearly enough information from that list to enable you our fabulous readers, to make an educated decision on your next sex toy purchase.  So without further ado let us probe a little further and a little harder to see if we can’t make this site scream for you a little bit eh?

Sex Toys

The sex toy section is not what you would normally find in regular sex toy sites, so if you’re looking for something that looks less like a sex toy and more like a fluffy toy or cute accessory then you are in the wrong place.  If however you are looking for a full on BDSM style toy, something that looks like it belongs in a torture chamber or a ‘red room of pain’, then you are most definitely in the right place and should continue reading.

From dildo’s to cock rings, from sex dolls to sex machines, Uberkinky has it all. If you are looking for a site that can give you BDSM and more, this is definitely one you are going to want to save. Their section on fisting toys and accessories are not to be missed and to make things just that little more pleasurable for you, the team at Uberkinky have added a few how to guides to the top of the page to give you a helping hand so to speak.


Uberkinky’s BDSM section also includes a CBT section too (Cock and Ball Torture for those unaware).  The bondage section contains everything you may possibly require to complete your BDSM room, from furniture and restraints to electro sex and nipple clamps.  Let’s not forget those of you out there that like to indulge in animal play, there are options here for you too in the form of pony and puppy play options.  We have seen pony butt plugs on previous sites but Uberkinky goes that one step further for its customers and has other kinky accessories such as the shaggy dog mask that covers the sub’s (submissive) entire face, has big floppy ears and puppy sounds can be activated. If puppy play isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of pony options available including a human horse bridle, with a bit for the mouth.

If simplicity is key for you in your foray into BDSM, again Uberkinky do not fail with their range of canes, hoods and blindfolds. There really is something for every taste here.  The CBT section is an interesting page to look through and not just if you are wanting to punish the boyfriend for forgetting your anniversary, although if punishment is your thing you will find plenty of inspiration here.  Again there are some how to guides at the top of the CBT page helping anyone who hasn’t tried it before.

Fetish Wear

The fetish wear section is just as eye opening as the other pages we have strolled through today, with costumes all in PVC leather, latex or rubber. We love the men’s underwear section especially the Baroque see through boxers, which basically look like a tattooed pair of shorts on your man. If that’s not your thing then don’t forget to check out the gimp mask section, if anything it’s definitely useful for keeping the other half quiet when you’re trying to watch your latest dirty movie.

Sex Essentials and Sales

The essentials section does exactly as it says on the screen, it is packed full with lubes, creams, delay sprays and relaxants. The media section holds not just books, but note cards and tshirts too. The offers section is crammed with great deals which currently include 3 for 2 on bondage tape, and 3 for £20 on Tenga Eggs amongst others.  The sale section is great for all those little extra’s you wouldn’t normally think to pick up. But be quick these sale items are fast changing, as the team at Uberkinky need to make way for all the new items by getting rid of the old; so if you see it in the sale section pick it out quick before it’s too late.

There is also an essentials guide section where you can head over to find out all about BDSM in all its intricacies, from chastity to CBT, Electro sex to medical play there is a guide here for every avenue of BDSM so make sure you check this out; you will find it in the help section at the top of the homepage.


Uberkinky offers its customer free UK delivery on all orders over £55, but if your order is for some unknown reason less than £55 there is £3.95 standard delivery fee applicable.  There is also the option to have your parcel delivered next day via UPS if you just can’t wait to get your naughty hands on your package, then this service will cost you £7.95.  Returns are also free within 14 days, so if you are not happy with your purchased item or need to replace it due to a fault, then head over to the site to download the returns form after which you will be provided with a prepaid returns label for the item. You will receive your replacement or refund within 7 days of returning your item.

100% Discretion

The site accepts payments from all major debit and credit cards including American express. Payments can be made through PayPal if preferred and 100% discretion is guaranteed on your statement with payments shown as NE Services Limited. All orders are also packaged with your discretion in mind, to ensure nobody can see what’s inside, until you are ready to show it off.


Once you access the site and hit the homepage, you have the option of signing up for the newsletter. There is a wishlist option available once you have created your account, to make sure that you never forget those must have items.

Social Media

Uberkinky has a great social media presence with accounts held on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Fetlife which is a secure site for the BDSM community; kind of a Facebook for kinksters or fetishbook if you prefer.


So what does Sexy Time Toy Zone think?

For a site to be 100% devoted to one genre of sex toy is to be applauded, because most sites try to cater for every taste which can cause a bit of a bloat in products and imagery. Uberkinky has taken what it knows and promoted it so well that it shows.  The sex toys and machinery available to complete your BDSM lifestyle or even to kit you out if starting anew, are available at a great price and with impressive accessories to make sure everything you need is catered for.  We love the fetish wear here and are trying to convince the bosses to do a BDSM dress down day; if it happens we promise to go Uberkinky.

Promotions and offers subject to change, please ensure you check out the terms and conditions before you order.

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